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Dunkirk (2017)

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Darkest Hour (2017)

Watch Darkest Hour m4ufree

Batman Gotham by Gas

Watch Batman Gotham by Gaslight m4ufree

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Watch Hacksaw Ridge m4ufree

God of War (2017)

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American Made (2017)

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Spotlight (2015)

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Gladiator (2000)

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Detroit (2017)

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In the Heart of the

Watch In the Heart of the Sea m4ufree

Goodbye Christopher

Watch Goodbye Christopher Robin m4ufree

Anthropoid (2016)

Watch Anthropoid m4ufree

Lincoln (2012)

Watch Lincoln m4ufree

Bridge of Spies (201

Watch Bridge of Spies m4ufree

Zero Dark Thirty (20

Watch Zero Dark Thirty m4ufree

Apollo 13 (1995)

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Schindler's List (19

Watch Schindler's List m4ufree

Free State of Jones

Watch Free State of Jones m4ufree

The Birth of a Natio

Watch The Birth of a Nation m4ufree

Suffragette (2015)

Watch Suffragette m4ufree

The Social Network (

Watch The Social Network m4ufree

6 Days (2017)

Watch 6 Days m4ufree

The Lost City of Z (

Watch The Lost City of Z m4ufree

Dallas Buyers Club (

Watch Dallas Buyers Club m4ufree

The Finest Hours (20

Watch The Finest Hours m4ufree

Black Hawk Down (200

Watch Black Hawk Down m4ufree

Ip Man (2008)

Watch Ip Man m4ufree

Joy (2016)

Watch Joy m4ufree

Maze (2017)

Watch Maze m4ufree

Troy (2004)

Watch Troy m4ufree

12 Years a Slave (20

Watch 12 Years a Slave m4ufree

Patriots Day (2017)

Watch Patriots Day m4ufree

The Birth of a Natio

Watch The Birth of a Nation m4ufree

Colonia (2016)

Watch Colonia m4ufree

Silence (2017)

Watch Silence m4ufree

Caligula's Spawn (20

Watch Caligula's Spawn m4ufree