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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Absolutely Amazing! It was breathtaking and enchanting how extremely well all the characters from the Twilight Saga was brought to life in Eclipse. I am very impressed with David Slade's vision of the movie and how well he managed to tie everything together. When you leave the Theatre you know that David Slade is a director who really did understand the book. Thank you David for making this Twilight experience exceptional. I don't care what critics say - the acting was better than great. Kristen does an amazing job when she portrays Bella's confusion as she is second-guessing her choice to become a vampire. It is brilliant how Kristen manages to communicate the confusion through great acting without countless monologues or dialogues to explain her emotions. That's what I call acting! Taylor Lautner was also great. His character could easily have been tiresome after New Moon but he managed to keep Jacob interesting. Last but not least Robert. There aren't enough words to explain how perfect his portrayal of Edward in this movie is. He brings the character to life in such an astonishing fashion that he is worthy of all praise. Thank you Robert for that breathtaking experience! But it wasn't only the main characters that made this movie great everyone in the cast should get their fare share of admiration. The Cullens where fantastic I loved the fact that they where so three-dimensional. The acting and storyline made you fall in love with the whole Cullen clan - just as one does when reading the books. Eclipse is a stunning cinematic experience and a Hollywood Epic!


Let's be honest - It's RUBBISH! All this saga was calculated on 12-15 years old teenager girls, which love to watch Crap like this. ,,OH what a Lovely screenplay, oh my god" - No, you are wrong, screenplay sucks, it's another romantic movie with special effects and billions of dollars. Like once David Duchovny said in ,,Californicatin" it's another ,,Twilight Boolsheet"! There are no Vampires, and no such awful Love stories between girl and vampire. if you want to watch movies exactly about Vampires watch ,,From Dusk Till Dawn", which is billion times better than this crap.

Acting - sucks, screenplay - sucks, story - sucks, music - sucks, effects- nice. I enjoyed only special effects in those moving pictures (somebody calls twilight movie :D ). So I must say, that if we give money which was spent to make this rubbish, to homeless people world will be good enough.


Alex Rice, Anna Kendrick, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, BooBoo Stewart, Bryce Dallas Howard, Byron Chief-Moon, Cainan Wiebe, Cameron Bright, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Chaske Spencer, Christian Serratos, Dakota Fanning, Daniel Cudmore, Dawn Chubai, Elizabeth Reaser, Gil Birmingham, Iris Quinn, Jack Huston, Jackson Rathbone, Jodelle Ferland, Julia Jones, Jus


Fantasy, Romance, Thriller

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