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The Goatherd

Ilenka is Polish but she has lived almost all her life in the US. Now she has come to visit Chile with Wil, her American boyfriend, and to meet up with Ana, her childhood friend. Ana is the Chilean daughter of diplomats who spent part of her youth in the US, and now lives in Chile. The three have decided to hike up to the El Morado Glacier, high up in the Chilean Andes. An accident, however, obliges them to turn back in search of help. On the way, they find the isolated cabin of a goatherd. What seems like the solution to all their problems becomes the beginning of the worst nightmare of their lives. The sociopathic goatherd kidnaps them and makes them victim to his macabre games. In the silence and desolation of the high Andes, they confront the claustrophobic lock-up to which their captor submits them. Tied up and beaten, they struggle against terror, hunger, thirst, desperation, pain and the most brutal confinement they could ever have imagined. They tap into their profoundest survival instincts in an attempt to escape with their lives from the sinister goatherd who seems unaffected by the presence of his victims. The goatherd treats his victims like wild animals whose cries of agony and attempts to clarify their dark future go unheeded. Without a word, the sociopath goes about his routine caring for his goats amidst the imposing Andean landscapes while little by little we get a glimpse of tragic events full of guilt, pain, and insanity from his past.


Excellent movie! First of all, the photography is amazing. The thriller has a good pace with an unexpected end. Beautiful creation. A masterpiece of horror, that has everything to be a classic. The movie is well done in all aspects. From the casting, including an exceptional performance of Luis Dubó, passing through the photography of the Andes chain mountains that shows a terrific landscape. The script has points of sublime horror, and drops of a classic horror movie. The first time I saw The Goatherd I remember classics like The Shining, Jason, Texas Chain.. but with a touch of independent style that brings the unique touch that a classic movie needs to have to remain in the minds of the public. Joe


Luis Dubó



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