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Apollo 13

True story of the moon-bound mission that developed severe trouble and the men that rescued it with skill and dedication.


"Apollo 13" is a docudrama that has you on the edge of your seat even if you may know what's going to happen. It's the true story of the 1970 mission to the moon where the famous "Houston, we have a problem," quote originated. Other documentaries tell the same story, but this 1995 version, directed by Ron Howard, is a must-see masterpiece.

The lead character of mission commander Jim Lovell is played by Tom Hanks. (My 10th-grade students watched it and recognized Hanks' voice as Woody from "Toy Story".) Lovell refuses to be superstitious about the number 13. When his crew is moved up from Apollo 14 to 13, his wife asks, "Why does it have to be 13?" "Because it follows 12," he replies. Lovell is funny, smart and a good leader. He was a step ahead of mission control and always had his crew working ahead of mission director's requests. Before this mission Lovell had flown three missions for NASA, but now he wanted to walk on the moon in the worst way.

Unfortunately, the crew winds up facing a catastrophe that threatens their mission to the moon and their lives. Instead of using the lunar module to land on the moon, they have to first live in it to survive their flight. The amazing thing is how director Ron Howard lets us experience everyone's journey, not just the astronauts. We also see the mission controllers arguing and problem solving. Lovell's wife, Marilyn, is shown each step of the way constantly adding depth and emotion to balance the technical NASA speak.

Emotional balance and master pacing is a hallmark of Ron Howard's films. All of his movies, which include "Cacoon," "Splash," "Backdraft," "A Beautiful Mind," etc., have emotional cores that anchor them. You come away feeling like you've had a truly human experience.

I am addicted to this movie: once I see a scene of it while flipping through channels, it's impossible to turn it off. I have to watch it to the end. I have almost studied it frame by frame for the unusual camera angles and another time for the pacing of humor to make the tension bearable.

I'm not sure I'll ever grasp all the magnificence of this movie, but I think if I keep trying, all my storytelling will improve.

Ultimately, there's something for everyone in this film, so watch if you haven't seen it. Watch it again, if you have!


Andy Milder, Arthur Senzy, Austin O'Brien, Ben Bode, Ben Marley, Bill Paxton, Brett Cullen, Brian Markinson, Bruce Wright, Bryce Dallas Howard, Chauntal Lewis, Cheryl Howard, Chet Huntley, Chris Ellis, Chris Moore, Christian Clemenson, Christopher John Fields, Clint Howard, David Andrews, Ed Harris, Emily Ann Lloyd, Endre Hules, Frank Cavestani, Gabriel


Drama, Adventure, History

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