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Killing Zelda Sparks

When Zelda Sparks comes back to the small town of New Essex, two old high school buddies Craig Blackshear and Terry Seville decide to pull a vicious prank on Craig's meddling former girlfriend Zelda -- but Terry is appalled to learn that the prank may have taken a deadly turn...


It has come to my attention that multiple Sudbury critics gave Killing Zelda Sparks a negative review. Please disregard them. I eagerly waited to see this movie, and the other day, I was lucky enough to catch it on TV. Although I must admit, since I was in this movie, I started watching it with optimism. However, the scene with me was over pretty quickly and I eagerly watched the rest of the movie, to see if the critics were correct. I am happy to say, they weren't. The characters were likable, and were played really well. Of course, having Colm Feore in a movie is always a bonus, but the rest of the cast did a terrific job. As for the plot... Without giving any spoilers, I will say this, I expected this movie to be decent, but I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was clever, elaborate and full of twists. And the film's artistic style was unique without being pretentious. I had a blast watching this movie, and sincerely wish they'd release it on DVD. If you get a chance to see this film, don't pass it up. It's much better than most of the stuff released in theaters these days.


Aaron Poole, Alec McClure, Bruce McFee, Colm Feore, Geoffrey Arend, Gerry Quigley, Gordon Masten, John Bayliss, Robin Brûle, Sarah Carter, Vincent Kartheiser



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