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The Jensen Project

Claire and Matt Thompson are married scientists who are visited by a wealthy woman who funds a secret organization called that they previously worked for and left when Claire was humiliated by a failed experiment. The group conducts advanced underground research to solve the world's most difficult problems and Ingrid asks them to return in order to help keep a potentially dangerous technology from falling into the wrong hands. They are accompanied by their tech minded and somewhat rebellious son Brody.


At the start of the movie, Brody and Samantha are flying a plane over New York City. One gets the impression they're not supposed to be doing this.

Let's back up a few days. Claire is a teacher, but at one time she designed a revolutionary technology called "nanobots", tiny computers which could be used by one person to control the body of another. Very valuable to the military--for both sides. You wouldn't want to be a soldier if the enemy had the technology and could use it on you.

But Edwin disapproved of the quality of Claire's work and she was out of the program, known as The Jensen Project. Now she's married to pediatrician and immunologist Matt (who was also in The Jensen Project), and they have a teenage son Brody who is a genius like his parents. You won't believe how his technological expertise allows him to skip school (but not without consequences when he's found out!) And what he does when on his own is similar to playing video games, but much more advanced. He doesn't hate learning; he's just bored in a traditional education environment.

Ingrid shows up with shocking news. Edwin has quit The Jensen Project and destroyed evidence his work. He is now developing nanobot technology for the enemy, who communicates with him through Mr. Cho. That's not to say he wants to be evil, but Mr. Cho has terrible things planned for Edwin if he doesn't obey.

Only two people can save the world now! Guess who they are? Naturally Brody comes along, and while exploring this fantastic secret installation he meets Samantha, a brilliant teenage scientist who has been on her own for years. Possible romance? Maybe.

The action gets pretty exciting, for a family movie. Maybe I shouldn't say action, because it's not that much of an action movie. However, there are moral dilemmas that must be dealt with or the world is in serious trouble.

This is a family film. There are a few scenes of unethical testing of harmful technology. And, yes, even Brody is put in jeopardy. But there's nothing that serious here. A little minor violence here and there.

The acting isn't particularly outstanding, but it's okay. Alyssa Diaz is the standout as the genius teen with an attitude. I was a little disappointed in Patricia Richardson because in her first scene she has the personality of a robot. She develops emotions fairly quickly and improves for the most part, though. That's the only real weakness I could see.

Kellie Martin sure looks young to be a teenager's mother--except where her facial expressions and the lighting show off her wrinkles. Well, at least we know she hasn't had work done. Her hair and clothes are quite pretty, and sometimes her face is too. She does a good job acting.

The real achievement here is visual effects. No computer screens--the information just hangs in the air. People walk through walls and even fireplaces. And there's plenty more. Nothing groundbreaking, I'm sure, on a TV-movie budget, but interesting to watch all the same.

It was worth seeing.


Andrew Simms, Brady Smith, David Andrews, Justin Kelly, Kellie Martin, LeVar Burton, Patricia Richardson, Richard Zeman, Russell Yuen, Stephanie Halin, Steve Lucescu


Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

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