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The Gardener

After her partner mysteriously disappears, Detective Kelly Jones is lead to a nursery that seems to hold many secrets. Later those around Kelly become confused by the notion of wrong doings...


This is unmistakably the worst movie I have ever had to endure watching. This movie was bad all around. The director clearly thinks that a moving camera is what makes a film great. Unfortunately the constant moving only helps the existing nausea. The DP was real bad, no other way to put it. "Day for night" shots were poorly matched to day shots and so on. I don't know what that other person was talking about regarding Angie Everheart. She is a terribly bad, bad, actor. It's no suprise this movie has no distribution after a whole year. If I were a distributer I would run as far away from this "film" as possible!


Malcolm McDowell, Angie Everhart, Richard Grieco, Olivia Hussey, Kelly Nelson, Sarah Peterson, Kim Morgan Greene, Roger Clinton, Justin Carroll, Andrew Heckler, James D.R. Hickox, Pamela Bellwood, Danny Nieman, Marina Malota, Anthony Hickox



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